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Linssen Magazine #52 | World Premieres: The Grand Sturdy 30.0 AC and Grand Sturdy 30.0 Sedan

To be launched at the Linssen Yachts In-Water Boat Show (4-7 May 2018): the new Grand Sturdy 30.0 AC and Grand Sturdy 30.0 Sedan, two new yachts developed in collaboration with KesselsGranger DesignWorks.

World Premiere 1: The Grand Sturdy 30.0 AC
She will be on display in our showroom for the first time during our Linssen Yachts In-Water Boat Show: the Grand Sturdy 30.0 AC. You can see from the dimensions (9.70 x 3.35 m) that the 30.0 is, of course, the smallest model in our Grand Sturdy series. But when you consider the sailing characteristics, such as stability and manoeuvrability, she is anything but small. The unique class of Linssen Yachts encapsulated in a yacht of almost 10 metres. That’s how you can summarise the 30.0. If you are just starting out in the boating world or if you are progressing from a sailing yacht to a motor yacht, then the 30.0 AC is the perfect introduction for you.

World Premiere 2: The Grand Sturdy 30.0 Sedan
This is the sedan sister of the 30.0 AC. She, too, will be appearing for the first time at our In-Water Boat Show. The same dimensions (9.70 x 3.35m), the same qualities. The 30.0 Sedan is also an ideal boat to explore the inland waterways, rivers, canals and lakes of Europe. However, this little topper is also perfect for taking the long way round along the sheltered coast.

30.0 AC or 30.0 Sedan: opt for what suits you best
Should I opt for the AC version or the Sedan version of the Grand Sturdy 30.0? We are often asked this question. The answer can be found in your personal wishes and preferences. For instance, do you prefer to steer inside (Sedan) or outside (AC)? Do you like a nice sheltered seating area close to the water (Sedan) or do you prefer to look out across the marina from the aft deck (AC)? During our In-Water Boat Show, you can weigh-up the advantages of an AC against those of a Sedan. In our showroom, you can discover which of the two is made for you.

In the case of both versions, the saloon is the interior living area. Compact, but amazingly spacious for a 9-metre yacht. It has a galley and cupboards on the port side and a good-sized bench on the starboard side. The Sedan version of the 30.0 also has the comfortable helmsman’s position on the starboard side.

Both the forward and aft cabins of the 30.0 AC version have a double bed. In other words, sleeping comfort for four people. Are two sleeping berths sufficient to meet your needs? If so, the Sedan version may be a better option. The wide, double, outward-opening doors allow you to transform the saloon and open cockpit into one large space.

Whatever version you choose, the Linssen Easy Sleep Convert System means that it’s always possible to create extra sleeping berths. You can easily convert the saloon bench into a comfortable double bed.

The design of the new 30.0 series was developed in collaboration with KesselsGranger DesignWorks. The yacht incorporates styling features that bring the Linssen Yachts’ heritage to a new generation.