Linssen Grand Sturdy 30.0 Design of the new Linssen 30.0
Royal Huisman S/Y Sea Eagle Design of Rondal Style to Order boom
Waterbus King's Day Design of the official King's Day boat
Product design (Re)design of products
Architecture Styling of buildings and interiors
Graphic design Creation of logos, corporate identity and branding
Livery design Graphic design on products
Strategic design advice Solutions to develop products
Design concepts Innovative advice for products
Design sketches Translating ideas into communicative images
Styling Creating products with the perfect appearance
Redesign Renewing products cost-effectively
Photorealistic renderings The creation of digital presentation images
3D styling models Drawing projects in 3D
3D (rapid) prototype models Creation of mock-ups and prototypes


Linssen Magazine
Linssen Yachts officially ushered in their 70th anniversary during the 20th Linssen Yachts Boat Show last November...

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