Expertise | Product design

New products

We design new products ground-up. From the first concept idea to the final production model.


A redesign keeps existing products fresh or gives them a completely new appearance. This increases and / or enlarges the product lifecycle on a cost-effective level.


Through colour advice and graphic design we can cost-effectively create a totally new appearance without additional complications for the existing product.

Process example

Intake meeting
Hereby the wishes, requirements and specifications are discussed. The budget, timing and the objectives are taken into account. The first intake meeting is free for the customer. We prefer to visit the client at their location, but the client is always welcome in our studio at the C-mine in Genk, Belgium.

A moodboard is made in order to decide upon the form language. Here we look at other objects that may serve as an inspiration for the design. A moodboard is an important tool and for the client serves as a base for positioning the product (marketing).

Concept sketches
The first idea sketches are penned out on paper and are based on the objectives and the moodboard. Different options are hereby illustrated. In this early phase, the customer may introduce their ideas and wishes and choose a direction for further development. This enables the customer to be involved during the process.

Computer Aided Styling
After a choice has been made from the concept sketches, the complete design is created in 3D. The volumes are created and the packing and underlying parts are taken into account. Production tolerances are taken into account during the creation of the 3D model. The forms are also checked for the best proportions and the details are developed with care.

3D Renderings
With the 3D model we create photorealistic renderings. We present options for colours and materials. Hereby the customer can get a realistic view on the final product. Choices can be made for further detailing. In some cases the client uses these renderings for marketing purposes.

3D (rapid) prototyping
Prototypes can be made with the 3D models. Depending on the format, these are made full-scale or to scale. The model can be used for checking ergonomics, the fit and finish of parts for production or as a presentation model.

During preproduction we work closely with the client to fine-tune the design for production. Tests are carried out, whilst details and definitive finishes are decided upon.

During production we offer support to the customer in order to ensure the highest level of quality.