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The DeWaterbus ferry service is a form of public water transport on the Scheldt. This ferry service has been operated since 1 July 2017 by the Dutch company Aqualiner on behalf of the Port of Antwerp. It is a sustainable and fast alternative to the car and an answer to the congestion problem in and around the city of Antwerp. DeWaterbus is also used for recreational purposes and a users can take their bicycle for free.

KesselsGranger DesignWorks is responsible for the striking livery design of the ferries. The fleet includes several new Damen Water Bus 2407 ferries, as well as older ships (refits).

The livery design translates the new corporate identity of DeWaterbus with clear, recognisable lines and a diamond pattern on the salon. The choice of the diamond pattern reflects the Antwerp diamond trade, connectivity and contemporary architecture.

Since 2017, KesselsGranger has designed the livery for the following DeWaterbus ferries:

Aqua Diamond (nieuw build, 24.5m)
Aqua Emerald (nieuw build, 24.5m)
Aqua Jade (nieuw build, 24.5m)
Aqua Crystal (nieuw build, 24.5m)
Aqua Ruby (refit, 32.2m)
Twin City Liner 1 (refit, 32.9m)
Twin City Liner 2 (refit, 32.9m)
Fortress 1 (refit, 20.0m)
Aqua Ferro (refit, 21.3m)
Rhoonsche Veer (refit, 15.0m)
Hendrikus, (refit 23.0m)


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